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Alice in Wonderland – Urban Decay Book of Shadows swatches

Hi everyone,

I did a quick post on the book of shadows a little while ago. And now with the  Urban Decay – Alice in Wonderland palette coming to Europe and other countries, I thought I’d give you guys my swatches for you to see how lifelike these colours really are.

There are still many many reviews out there ( Kandee Johnson’s review, Elessa’s (Pursebuzz) review and swatches of Alice ). This means I’m not going to talk any further, just give you one big picture of the palette and the swatches on my arm that I placed next to the colour in the palette. This shows how lifelike the colours in the palette are. (I used the Primer Potion that comes with the book under the shadows).


All my polishes

Hi everyone,

Retail_Therapy was curious about all my polishes so last night I took pictures of all the bottles (and the one’s I’ve worn already I’ve put one picture of with the name). The ones I haven’t worn online so far will come eventually. There are a couple I’ll probably only wear once to show you because some of these colours I actually hate (gifts I hadn’t the nerve to say I didn’t like). But 99% are great colours.

How I store them:

All names are from left to right
Estee Lauder:

04 Black Berry
08 Red Cherry
10 White Petal

Miss Helen:


Rimmel London:

60 Seconds Vinyl Shine in 826 Big Night Out
60 Seconds Vinyl Shine in 626 Be a Star

Wild & More:

81 (Grey)


Make a Wish in 02 It’s Magic
Multi Demension in 12 Blind Date



Sally Hansen:
Diamond Strength in Honeymoon Red:

Bourjois Mini:

Breakfast a Londres in 16
Breakfast a Londres in 15
Diner a Paris in 37 (2)
Techno Bar a Tokyo in 40


Fan Effect Brush 1 second polish in no. 9 (purple)
Fan Effect Brush 1 second polish in no. 22:

En Toute affinité in no. 21 Beige Ivoire


L19 Tagada
L23 Myrtille:
L22 Curacao


Le Vernis 479 Kaleidoscope:
Le Vernis 210 Lilac Sky:


Vernis 905 Black Sequins:

China Glaze Kaleidoscope Collection:

It’s my turn
Don’t be a square
Rated holographic
Spin me Round
Visit me in Prism
Let’s do it in 3D:

Tickle my Triangle
How about a tumble:
Octa gone wild
Kaleidoscope him out:
He’s going in circles

China Glaze OMG! Collection:






China Glaze:

It’s Poppin’
Red Stallion
Sky High-Top
Sneaker Head:
Custom Kicks

White on White:
For Audrey:
Bahamian Escape:
Secret Peri-Wink-Le:
Agent Lavender

China Glaze E-collection:

Solar Power:
Tree Hugger:
Shower Together:

China Glaze:

Wireless Holographic TopCoat:
Ghoulish Glow TopCoat


no. 51:
no. 52:
no. 54
no. 53
no. 50
no. 38
no. 59


Foundation Base Coat
Pharao’s Purple
Pyramid Purple
Pasadena Purple:
Peacock Feathers


Sun Kissed 13:
Radiant 14
The grass is greener on my side 183

Color Club:
Pure Energy:


114 Bright Pink:
134 Rainy Day:
135 Black Diamond:
130 Midnight Blue:
133 Platinum Silver:


Status Symbol:


Happy Anniversary
Birthday Babe:
Stars in my Eyes
Give me the Moon

You’re a Doll:
Done out in Deco:
Parlez-vous OPI?:
You don’t know Jacques!:

Curry up, don’t be late!
Thrills in Beverly Hills Glitter TopCoat:
Treasure (Designer Collection):
Bronzed Perfection
Music Hall Curtain Call:

Quarter of a cent-cherry
Don’t toy with me:

Lincoln park after dark
Russian Navy:
Black Onyx:

Fit for a Queensland
Your Royal shyness
Canberra ‘t without you:
Bubble Bath:
Suzi & the Lifeguard:

Teeny bikinis:

– Done out in Deco:
– Suzi & the Lifeguard:
– Overexposed in South Beach:
– RapiDry TopCoat:

RapiDry TopCoat:
Natural Nail BaseCoat
Original Nail Envy

Expert Touch
Nail Laquer Thinner


Konad stapling nail art set (M2 plate)
Konad Silver
Konad Black
Konad White
Plates I own are: no. 1,3,10,13,30,57,60,65,71


3 Nail files
Rapid Nail Dry Spray
Caring Nail Polish Remover
Nail Hardner
Natural Nail Colour (silver)
Natural Nail Whitner
Cuticle Remover
Cuticle Peeling Gel
Hydrating Nail Gel
Nourishing Nail Oil



Sally Hansen:
Nail Revitalizer
Hard as Wraps


Urban Decay Lipstick and 24/7 eyeliner swatches

Hi everyone,

I recently ordered some Urban Decay Lipsticks online, even though I said I wasn’t going to order any more makeup for a while, I did find out that I don’t have many lipsticks (I know that sounds like a lie but it isn’t).
I have palettes, but they’re not as easy to bring with you; and when I, do I’m too embaressed to touch up my lips in public or in a public restroom. When I see friends (mainly men) they laugh at me, so I almost never bring lipstick with me.
Also I’m one of those “put it on in the morning, and I’ll see if it dared to migrate to” when I go to bed at night and take off my makeup.

I do have several lipglosses though, ;)

But I only have these lipsticks:
# Bourjois, Rounge Connection – no. 13
# Rimmel London, Lasting Finish Lipstick – no. 124 Bordeaux
# L’Oreal, Colour Riche (for Blondes) – 233 Boreal/Taffeta
# L’Oreal, Invincible – 625 Purple Obsession
# Max Factor, Crushed Berry 855
# Smashbox Decadence Photo Finish Lip Luxe Limited-edition! in Socialite

So that’s not many is it? So I ordered some lipsticks I’ve been craving ever since they got available.
Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Rush (neutral pink)
Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Wanted (warm berry)
Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Gravity (rich red)
Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Gash (blood red)
Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Revolution (true red)

Badly enough I still want:
# Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Apocalypse (blackberry)
# Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Jailbate (nude)
# Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Midnight Cowboy (sheer beige shimmer)

Sooo I got the order and I’m really really happy!!
The extra cap I ordered because it’s easier to get your favourite if you have it in that cap, also it’s a limited edition thing and I have a weak spot for those kind of goodies.
I love the packaging, they feel very heavy in your hand, also the lipsticks feel very creamy on your lips!

First let me show you the lipsticks:
From left to right the colours are:
- Gravity
- Revolution
- Rush
- Gash
- Wanted

Now I did a swatch for you guys and the colours don’t look as amazing on the pictures as they do in real life, but I can’t change that so…

The colours are:
Top left: Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Gravity (rich red)
Top right: Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Revolution (true red) – more pink then I thought, but maybe on the lips it looks more red red…
Middle: Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Rush (neutral pink)
Bottom left: Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Gash (blood red) – more purple-ish red then Gravity, also a little darker.
Bottom right: Urban Decay The Iconic Lipstick – Wanted (warm berry)

Also there’s been a lot of talk about the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencils lately, so I thought I’d show you guys some swatches of these as well.
There are two sets that Urban Decay brought out, the fan favourite of the Holiday season of 2007 and a new set for 2008. You can find the sets at Urban Decay’s website.
The 2008 set is called Velvet Rope and these colours I use most.
From left to right the colours are: Yeyo (metallic white), 1999 (plum w/ teeny gold glitter), Zero (zealous black), Bourbon (brown w/ teeny gold glitter), Stash (dark green/gold)
The 2007 set is called VIP and these colours pop more.
From left to right the colours are: Zero (zealous black)(not photographed again), Lucky (brilliant deep copper), Covet (peacock green), Electric (bright aquamarine), Lust (plush purple)
I didn’t photograph Zero twice, I did however add two other eyeliners I also own which I LOVE!! The colour on the second row most to the right is called Honey (24K gold) and the colour on the third row is Gunmetal (gunmetal w/ teeny silver glitter).

Here are the swatches:

Primer vs no primer

How has everyone’s Monday been?

I got a question about a purple eyeshadow on my TeamSugar blog and to answer it I made a lot of swatches with and without primer. I thought for a lot of you this could answer the question “Does primer change the makeup colour”. The answer is Yes, it makes it deeper and more pigmented. It also makes it a little harder to blend, but that just takes a little practice.

The names of the colours are on the bottom and the primer I used under some of the colours is the Smashbox lid primer.