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Dermalogica testing (day 6 of many)

End of the day face

Hi everyone, I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since I started to use all my Dermalogica samples. Click for the posts from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 & Day 5 to see which products I’ve been using so far. Today I started with a few we’ve seen before and a […]

Dermalogica testing (day 5 of many)

Overnight Clearing Gel mediBac

Hi everyone, It’s bedtime now and slowly my voice is returning and I’m starting to feel a bit better (I still can’t believe I’m showing you make-up free pictures for 5 days in a row of my “sick” face). I started this morning and night routine using the Dermalogica – AGE smart Skin Resurfacing Cleanser […]

Dermalogica Testing (day 4 of many)

Day 5

Hi everyone, It’s already day 4 of my Dermalogica testing and I still have many more products to try out. If you’re curious about previous days then click on Day 1, Day 2 or Day 3. I’m starting to feel a little better today but I’m still coughing soo much that I still haven’t had […]

Dermalogica testing day 2 (of many)

Face on day 2

Hi everyone, This is the follow up post to the first one in the series, if you’re curious about how I started click here to go to that post. I’m going to continue where I left of yesterday evening with the products I used last night before bed: Dermalogica – Special Cleansing Gel This is […]

Testing out MANY Dermalogica Samples (Post one of many to come)

Dermalogica Testing Many Samples

Hi everyone, I’ve really been collecting and saving samples for so long that I actually have a HUGE stash of Dermalogica samples that I’m finally going to use up. I also have many of their sunproduct samples, but it’s not quite sunny enough to test those out yet. I thought it would be nice to […]

Truly Yours unboxing January 2013 (box no. 13)

Hi everyone,

This was the first Truly Yours box of the year and it came with an extra goodie for me. At the end of 2012 they asked us in an email what we thought would be great products to try and trusty favourites of ours. Well, you know me, I can’t tell you one product overall, so I had to split it up into foundations, hairproducts, skincare, eyecare etc. It became a really long email talking about lots and lots of products and I’d won the gift they would send to one of the people who’d responded.

I got 2 Philosophy products, Hope in a Jar and the Microdelivery Exfoliating wash. I LOVE them both. Thank you Truly Yours!!

Before I go on with the Unboxing, here is the look I’m wearing in this and the other unboxing video’s I’ve done this month (I filmed them all on the same day).

For the how to, I explain it at the start of the video and at the end of this post you’ll find all the products used.

For more information on the Truly Yours box go to:

The following products (more…)

BeautyBox Unboxing January 2013 (2013-01-26)

Candle by Beautybox 2

Hi everyone, This was the first 2013 BeautyBox I received and I LOVED it so much, the video shows my first impression, but not the use I’ve gotten out of all of these products. The following products were in this box (all prices are