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Challenge 12 – Jewelry eyes

Hey ladies, here is the complete post on how to recreate this great idea Iveenia came up with. Now I have to say the first couple of pictures are bad quality, I took them in natural light like usually but it was storming all day yesterday and halfway I found out that there wasn’t enough light to create a nun-blurry picture. So at that point I started working with a flash. It can be that now, with winter coming, there will be more false light pictures because I do need enough light for a proper picture.

Iveenia Challenge picture:

My version:

I started with a halfway prepped face because I’d already had makeup on during the morning appointments I had, but I couldn’t walk around with an eye like this could I.
My eyecream and moisturizer are still the StriVectin-SD eyecream and Intensive Concentrate for Existing Stretch Marks that’s sold as a moisturizer but still has the original name. It’s also really good for if you have new damaged skin or scars, it helps with making them heal better.
On my lashes I still use the Talika Lipocils to hopefully create longer and fuller lashes.
This morning I used Hybrid as a base and mixed some Teint Parfait with the High Def. Healthy FX foundation to have a slightly more transparent foundation. I used a Travel Foundation Brush for Placement and used some Photo Up on my eyes before the Primer Potion. With the no. 4 concealer brush I brushed some Camera Ready concealer under my eyes and also on some spots (grrr I hate winter). With the 45 Mineral Brush I set the makeup with my new HD Powder (which I love sooo much because it doesn’t creep into small lines and thereby makes me look younger Laughing out loud). During the day I had only primer potion on my eyes and curled lashes with one coat of Diorshow. This was the starting point for the makeup tutorial:

Products in this picture:

  • StriVectin-SD eyecream
  • StriVectin-SD Intensive Concentrate For Existing Stretch Marks
  • Talika, Lipocils
  • Smashbox, Hybrid 2-in-1 – Luminizing Primer
  • YSL, Teint Parfait Complexion Enhancer Oil Free – No. 7 Golden Sand
  • Smashbox, High Definition Healthy FX Foundation – Light L3
  • Smashbox, Travel Foundation Brush
  • Smashbox, Photo Op – Under Eye Brightener
  • Smashbox, Camera Ready Concealer – 3.0
  • Smashbox, Concealer brush – no. 4
  • Urban Decay, Eye Shadow Primer Potion
  • Make Up For Ever, High Definition Powder
  • Sephora Brand Professionell, Mineral Powder Brush – no. 45
  • Sephora Eyelashcurler
  • Dior, Diorshow – 090 black
  • Miss Helen, Loose Powder – 02
  • Smashbox, JetSet – Midnight Black
  • Smashbox, JetSet – Lust
  • Bourjois, Eyeliner Pencil – Noir & Blanc
  • Smashbox, Eye Shadow Trio mini – Headshot (Thanks to MartiniLush)
  • Smashbox, Eye Shadow Trio – Pretty Eyes
  • Smashbox, Smudge Brush – no. 20
  • Sephora Brand Professionell, All Over Shadow Brush – no. 21
  • Sephora Brand Professionell, Eyeliner Brush, no 12
  • YSL, Touche Eclat – no. 2
  • Smashbox, Arced Liner Brush – no. 21
  • Smashbox, Definer Brush – no. 15
  • Sephora Brand, Golden Glitter – for eyes
  • Emporio Armani, lei/elle/she/ella – scent

I didn’t take of any makeup before adding makeup to it, it had stayed so perfectly put that I didn’t even have to clean up. I just roughly took off the black liner I had on my waterline but didn’t clean it up perfectly because there would be more liner coming under my eye later on. I placed some of the white Bourjois pencil on my inner eye corner and under my eyebrow. Here is it unblended:

I blended the white and added some Touche Eclat under my eyes to highlight the area even more.

I used the golden yellow colour from the Mini Trio Headshot all over my eyes with the no. 21 All Over Shadow Brush. This creates a golden glow that is very subtle. I also added some loose glimmer powder under my eyes (stay above any bags under your eye).

I took the grey from the Pretty Eyes Trio and placed it with the no. 15 definer brush just above my crease. Usually you blend downwards a little too, but for this look blend only upward and make sure to stay above your eye and not blend out at your outer corner, the eye should not attract any attention there. The best way to place the crease colour is by raising your brows and looking down a little into a mirror. Like this:

To make the lowest part even more dark and deep, I used a smudge brush (no. 20) to have more control over the placement. In this picture you can also see where my natural crease would be and how much above I placed the line.

At this point I added some Midnight Black JetSet to my upper waterline and also on the inner corner on the bottom waterline, but I didn’t place it on my entire lower waterline. For precise placement I used the no. 21 Arced Liner Brush. I didn’t want the lines under my eye to be black, that would be very harsh. I used Lust for this, this is a Grey with mini silver dust in it, making the lines look a little softer. The downside I found was that by using a JetSet liner I had to rush, because it dries very quickly. I did use it because it’s waterproof and that means no running of the liner later in the night. I used the no. 21 arced liner brush for the thicker parts of the line and I took up the Sephora no. 12 eyeliner brush for the swirls and the inner corner point because this is a very fine tipped brush.

I curled my lashes again because I didn’t want to use falsies. I reapplied DiorShow and while that was still wet I pressed some Gold Glitter against my lashes with the no. 21 All Over Shadow Brush. I held a bit of tissue under my eye to prevent fallout from falling on my cheeks (but not on the picture because I needed my second hand to actually take the picture ;) ).

At the end I cleaned up the line a little with a Qtip and a little eye makeup remover to get the line cleaner. (Remember to check if you need to reapply some foundation and powder after cleaning up the line).

Challenge for YOU!

Hiya everyone,


If you’ve been following me on OnSugar and TeamSugar, you know I get Challenges every once in a while to do a certain look. Now to celebrate you I wanted to Challenge you! I’m giving away 100 TeamSugar points and for the complete competition, to see how you can winn, click here to go to the blogpost on TeamSugar to see how you can enter in the competition.

I hope lots of you will join!!
Good luck!

Challenge 11 – Bollywood

MartiniLush and saynogirl Challenged me with this Bollywood look from the film Love Story 2050 (actress: Priyanka Chopra).


Online I found these two eyes in better quality (both from the film).

I merged the looks together to create my Bollywood eye.


Products in this picture:

  • Bliss, Poetic – Brow Shaping Sugar Wax Kit
  • Shiseido, The Skincare – Purifying Cleansing Foam
  • Bliss, Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask
  • Klein-Becker, StriVectin-SD® – Eye Cream
  • Klein-Becker StriVectin-SD®

    I got this Brow Shaping kit last week and I’m honestly not sure. I know I don’t have much to wax, I check for stray hairs every day and check the overall shape once a week, but the little fuzz you don’t see I wax off once a fortnight. And I did take away the fuzz, but the 2 darker hairs I also had in the sugar wax stayed on my skin, so I tweezed them out. So I might not be the perfect person to review this, but my Veet cold wax strips work better. But I didn’t have any redness afterwards so I could leave the house straight away.

    I cleansed my face with the Shiseido cleansing foam and I’ve almost emptied the tester. I really love this cleanser, I usually love the feel of a scrub in the morning, but this cleans very well, I’ll miss it when the tester is empty. I might get it later, but I want to finish my huge stash of skincare products before I buy anything else, so I’ll try to not buy it coming week.

    It’s Sunday and you all know that means mask day for me, I didn’t have a lot of time to relax and do my pamper and prepare myself for the coming week. The best solution for that is the Bliss Triple Oxygen mask, because it’s quick and the frothing it does tingles and tickles which makes you feel like it’s doing miracles. When you wash it off you look glowing and the smell of the mask relaxes me a lot.

    I’ve been in a lot of air conditioned spaces lately this dries my skin a lot. Another thing that makes my skin feel tight is the temperature outside at the moment. To prevent any dry patches or flakey skin around my nose and forehead I took up my old trusting winter cream again. I have a few creams I use mostly in the months October to April because they are thicker and protect more against the harshness of winter. If I use these in the summer I just break out and my skin starts to sweat a lot more, so this is really a winter cream for my skin. The StriVectin-SD creams are serious skin savers. When my skin is feeling a little better, I’ll go to my Clinique winter creams and use this at night to repair any damage.

    Products in this picture:

    • Smashbox, Photo Finish
    • Clear Foundation Primer
    • Urban Decay, Eye Shadow Primer Potion
    • YSL, Teint Parfait – No. 7
    • Smashbox, High Definition Healthy FX Foundation – L3
    • Smashbox, Travel Foundation Brush
    • Smashbox, Camera Ready Concealer – 3.0
    • Smashbox, Concealer Brush – no. 4
    • Make Up For Ever, Super Matte Loose Powder – no. 12
    • Sephora, Mineral Powder Brush – no. 45
    • Benefit, Highbrow
    • Tarte, Lock & Roll – Creaseless Eye Shadow Duo – Rose Gold (Thanks to MartiniLush :WOOHOO: )
    • Smashbox, Shadow Brush – no. 26
    • Smashbox, JetSet – Midnight Black
    • Smashbox, Arced Liner Brush – no. 21
    • Sephora Brand Professionnel, Pointed Liner/Eyeliner Brush – no. 17
    • Urban Decay, 24/7 Travel Size Set Of 5 – VIP (using the pencils Zero [black], Electric [bright iridescent teal])
    • Sephora, Eyelashcurler
    • Dior, Diorshow – 090 Black
    • Bare Escentuals, Buxom Lips – Dolly (Thanks to MartiniLush :makeup: )

      After using a thick cream I really need a primer to keep my foundation from slipping off. I used Photo Finish to be the safety layer between my moisturizer and foundation. On my eyes I used a thin layer of Eye Shadow Primer Potion as a base.

      Before my foundation I used Teint Parfait to make me look less pale, it was a very early morning after a late night yesterday and I was looking a little white. Over this colour layer I placed some High Definition Healthy FX Foundation with my Travel Foundation Brush. I love using this brush to create a flawless base.

      When I was a teen I always did my foundation with a Max Factor stick foundation that also could be used as a concealer because the colour was perfect for my skin. Today I used a little Camera Ready Concealer placing it with a Concealer Brush. To set the base I used Super Matte Loose Powder with the Mineral Powder Brush.

      I used a little Highbrow under my brows blending it with my fingers. I then took up a tester MartiniLush send to me. It’s by Tarte and it’s a Lock & Roll – Creaseless Eye Shadow Duo in Rose Gold. This is an amazing colour, it makes my eyes look greener and my skin more golden. I placed some of the cream shadow on my lids (up to and a little over the crease) and blended it up with my fingers.

      I used the powder roller over the cream shadow and used the Shadow Brush to blend it out at the crease.

      If I close my eye, this is the colour of the eyeshadow:

      I wanted to mix both Bollywood looks into one and I creates a medium thick eyeliner line on my top lashes with a little flick at the end with JetSet in Midnight Black. I used the Arced Liner Brush to build up the line and the Pointed Liner/Eyeliner Brush to create the flick at the end.

      At this point I made the top waterline black with the JetSet and Arced Liner Brush as well. This creates the appearance of thicker lashes. To create the lines at the bottom I used two 24/7 pencils, these are waterproof and hold pretty well, they don’t hold like the JetSet holds, but for a pencil it’s a miracle that these colours stay as long as they do. I used Zero first in my lower lash line (really pressing the colour into the lashline). I used the no. 20 Smashbox Smudge Brush to smudge the line into a beautifully blended line. On my lower wate
      rline I placed some Electric. I don’t have the blue liner they used in the original look, but this worked really well, so I used this instead.
      I curled my lashes, and gave them one coat of Diorshow. Finally I brushed my eyebrows into shape.

      On my lips I used another tester sent to me by MartiniLush. This is my first ever Bare Escentuals product and it feels really cold and tingly on my lips. I love the natural colour and the way it shines.
      I used Buxom Lips in Dolly. Thank you sooo much Martini!! :KISS: :LOVE:

Challenge 10 – Kat von D for Sephora

Hey guys, the last look I will post today is the Kat von D Challenge (I was Challenged by bluesuze).

I worked of this image:

My final eye is:

I really hated choosing the colours I would use for this look, because I actually KNOW what colours Kat has on her eyes, but I don’t have that palette, so I had to find colours in my collection to make it work.
I also creates bangs by straightening my hair (as far as straightening works on my hair) and pulling it back and then forward again and placing them with bobbie pins.

Products in this picture:

  • Talika, Lipocils – Eyelash Treatment Gel
  • L’Oreal, Derma Genesis – Moisturizer
  • L’Oreal, Derma Genesis – Eyecream
  • No. 7, Restore & Renew – Serum

I did this look this morning, but it was really horrible weather, so halfway I went from natural light to my camera’s flash.
I started with Clinique’s 7 day scrub and moisturized with Restore & Renew Serum followed by the L’Oreal Derma Genesis set. I love the fresh smell of this and I used the Talika Lipocils on my lashes to hopefully get them healthier in a months time.

I used my mom’s Dior foundation Diorskin Fluide this morning and built on that base to create this Kat von D look.

Products in this picture:

  • Urban Decay, Skull Shadow Box
  • Urban Decay, Book Of Shadows
  • Smashbox, JetSet – Midnight Black
  • Stila, Smudge Pot – Black
  • The Body Shop – Slanted brush
  • Da Vinci – Eyeliner Brush
  • Sephora Brand Professionnel Platinum, Natural Dome Smudge Brush – no. 13
  • Urban Decay, Brow Box
  • Sephora, Eyelashcurler
  • Dior, Diorshow – 090 Black

I started with a layer of Urban Decay Primer Potion on my eyes and on the temple where the stars will be. I then decided to draw the stars first because that gives a better image of the final look. I used JetSet for this because I know this won’t budge after it’s dried. I placed the stars with the Da Vinci Eyeliner brush. When I was done I lined my waterlines and actually went to get some groceries with just the stars on my face. People looked funny, but I don’t mind so much, it was cool.

The colour I used all over my eyelid (to a little over the crease) was Gridlock, an amazing colour!! Seriously, if you need a new signature colour that you can wear for day and glam up for night, try this colour it’s seriously amazing. I placed this with the brush it came with in the Book of Shadows.

To be honest I expected the brushes in the Shadow Box to be of a poor quality, but the brush is actually really good! The handle is cheap and typically Urban Decay, but again typically Urban Decay the thing that makes a brush good (the bristles and the length of them) is really great!

I used the colour Blunt from the Skull Skull Shadow Box as a highlight on the inner corner of my eye and under my brow. This is a vanilla type of colour that’s very shimmery on the skin and looks really pretty, you don’t expect that when you look at it in the container, but on the skin it’s a real surprise!

As the dark brown colour I used Twice Baked also from the Skull Shadow Box and used it on my outer half of my eye. I also placed this under my lower lash line with the dome brush.

Next up was the dark crease Kat has. I used the Book of Shadows black for that, this colour is called perversion. To get a thin line at the inner corner of the crease I used a slanted brush by The Body Shop. For the blending further out and under my lower lash line I used the dome brush again.
After this I lines my eyes with the Smudge Pot. I don’t know why I chose this one and not the JetSet again, I just naturally went to the Stila jar. To create the wing I used the Da Vinci Eyeliner Brush again because this brush is longer then the other liner brushes I have.

Now all I had to do was fill in my brows like Kat’s using the Brow Box and I darkened the darkest brown a bit by using the Perversion here as well.
I curled my lashes and placed Diorshow on my top and bottom lashes.
The final eye is:

Challenge 8 – Vampire Costuem Look (October 11, 2008)

Hi everyone, here is the real Vampire Costuem Look I was challenged to to by suebree96.

Original look:

My look:

It was actually really hard to do a look from a drawing, but it was a really fun challenge to do and I scared the living daylights out of my dad, so I did have a laugh with it when it was done.

As this look has layers of makeup, I needed to have a great looking fresh skin, so I used a tester of MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel (which I really liked!) to clean up all the dead skin cells. I used Clinique Repairwear Eyecream and Neutrogena ClearSkin moisturizer to protect and feed my skin.

Products in this picture:

  • Bourjois, Black & White Kohl Pencil
  • Too Faced, Magic Wand Foundation – New York Light
  • Smashbox, Lip & Lid Primer
  • Smashbox, Camera Ready Concealer – 3.0
  • Smashbox, Concealer Brush – no. 4
  • Smashbox, Wicked Lovely Doubletake Lip Color – Gossamer
  • Smashbox, Photo Finish Clear Primer Potion
  • Rimmel London, Colour Rush Mono eyeshadow – Jet Black (214)
  • Smashbox, Eye Shadow Trio – Panorama
  • Stila, Smudge Pot – Black
  • Smashbox, Photo Op – Under Eye Brightener
  • Sephora, Eyelash curler
  • Make Up For Ever, Super Matte Loose Powder – no. 12
  • YSL, Touche Eclat – no. 2
  • Da Vinci – Eyeliner Brush
  • Sephora Brand Professionnel Platinum, Natural Dome Smudge Brush – no. 13
  • Smashbox, Shadow brush – no. 26
  • Smashbox, Definer Brush – no. 15
  • Smashbox, Smudge brush – no. 20
  • Smashbox, Angled Brow brush – no. 12
  • Smashbox, Arced Liner brush – no. 21
  • Sephora Brand Professionnel, Mineral Brush – no. 45
  • Christian Dior, DiorShow Mascara – 090 black
  • Bourjois, Lipstick – no. 13
  • Clarins, Lipstick – no. 50

I started my face with Photo Finish Clear Primer Potion to create a base and make sure the makeup wouldn’t move. Over this base I took quite a thick layer of Magic Wand Foundation, because it’s a light reflecting foundation and it’s the lightest I have. Also this foundation can be build up from fairly see through to a covering foundation. At this point I used the Photo Op to prevent puffy eyes later on. I didn’t need the lighting effect, so I used it under my concealer which I used with a concealer brush to hide my dark circles. I used the Smashbox Lid primer on my lids to see how well makeup would blend over this (the same as with Urban Decay Primer Potion) and well the makeup stuck to my eyes (pretty well, but I didn’t go through the rain so no definite opinion yet). I used a little Touche Eclat under my eyes working in a triangle working to a point on the apple of my cheek, blending out very well. Over this I used some Make Up For Ever powder to set everything. My eye now looks like this:

I took up the Mineral Powder brush to brush a layer of the white eyeshadow from the Panorama trio over the centre of my face blending working outward. This means you don’t have to contour your face to prevent it from looking flat and you’re lightening your face because a vampire is pale.
I took a picture of my eye after I placed the white pencil before blending to show you the placement before blending with a brush.

I went over the white pencil with some more Panorama white using the no. 15 Definer brush to set the pencil.

I placed some grey around my eye using the definer brush to have more control over the placement. I used it under my eye working outward, on the brow bone, blending into the white and down and on the side of my nose (at eye-height). See this picture for the placement:

As you can see, I look like I have a black eye:

I used a Stila Smudge Pot as a base on my eyelid to darken the colour.

As you can see it wasn’t a blended outer line, I worked the colour up to the crease with a smudger brush and blending wasn’t needed because I’ll go over it with more black later. Also, vampires don’t have perfect eyes, this eye is the example of beautiful ugly makeup, so if you make mistakes… they aren’t a huge drama.

I went over the black with the Rimmel black and the no 26 shadow brush. I used an angles eyebrow brush to place a perfect line over the white and an arced liner brush to blend the colour down in the inner corner (not into the white, around the white and down).

With the no. 20 smudge brush I blended some of the smudge pot in my lower lash line and went over it with my definer brush and black Rimmel eyeshadow.

To see how high I needed to go with the black, I looked really angry. And for a laugh I wanted to show you that eye as well:

As you can see, the black blended up very high, almost into the eyebrow at the beginning and end and only keeping the white I placed in the arc perfectly white.

Now to see how the tears needed to go, I drew them in with the definer brush and black shadow, also this creates a cheat sheet for how to hold your head for the perfect tears later.

Before adding the tears I chose to darken the under eye area a little more:

Now I took a small bowl and put some water in it. I scraped some of the black eyeshadow in the water and I then dipped the Natural Dome Smudge Brush in it because this brush can hold a lot of water without dripping. I blended the black eyeshadow to a muddy texture in the makeup and then “emptied” it in the water. Now you have very dirty water, perfect for running makeup tears.

I placed the filled up brush at the base of my lower lashes and let a fake
tear fall, helping the placement by moving my face. Sometimes I added some more “muck” to the tear halfway.

Build up the tears until you’re happy with it.

All you need to do right now is curl your lashes and add mascara. You can even choose to use false lashes to intensify the eye some more but I liked the rough look better.

I used some Lip Primer on my lips and took my new Wicked Lovely Doubletake Lip Color in Gossamer. Using the lip liner colour on my top lip and the lip colour on the bottom, now in the picture you don’t see much of a difference, but in real life the top lip was more pink then the bottom lip.
I used a mixture of a more red  (Bourjois) and a more brown (Clarins) lipstick to create a bloody effect, you could use fake blood, but this was fine for me. I placed the colour with a Da Vinci eyeliner brush to have more control over the colour. I placed it more in the corner of my lip and went up a little to make a little false grin (sort of like the joker in the batman movies).

Now the look is done and I was looking like this:

You can add false teeth to be even more vampire!

Challenge 7 – Leighton Meester – Premiere Entourage 2008 (October 10, 2008)

Sephoragirl came up with this Leighton Meester challenge. I love watching Gossip Girl and I’m dying for Blair and Chuck to get together, the sparks that would create, wow.

Anyway, this was the look Leighton had at the Entourage premiere:

And this is my final eye:

I chose not to take a lot of in between pictures because this eye is actually really simple to do and I wasn’t home this morning so no camera to take pictures with. If you want a really stripped look just use a bronze eyeliner, mascara and red lips and you’re done.

Products in this picture:

  • Smashbox, Photo Finish Clear Foundation Primer
  • Smashbox, High Definition Healthy FX Foundation – Light L3
  • Smashbox, Photo Op – Under Eye Brightener
  • Smashbox, Camera Ready Concealer – 3.0
  • Smashbox, Concealer Brush – no. 4
  • Smashbox, Lip & Lid Primer
  • Smashbox, Eyelights – Special Effects
  • Smashbox, Shadow Brush – no. 26
  • Smashbox, Definer Brush – no. 15
  • Smashbox, JetSet – Bronze
  • Smashbox, Arced Liner Brush – no. 21
  • Sephora, Eyelash curler
  • Smashbox, Bionic Mascara (black)
  • Bourjois, Lipstick – no. 13
  • Clarins, Lipstick – no. 50

I used Photo Finish Clear Foundation Primer as a base over my moisturiser to make sure the makeup wouldn’t move and have a protective base. Over this I used High Definition Healthy FX Foundation, using my fingers because I wasn’t at home and I had to do with the brushes and products I had with me.
I used Photo Op at this point because I have practically no under eye circles today, which I’m very happy about. Over the little dark I did have under my eyes I used a little Camera Ready Concealer placing it with the Concealer Brush which I did take with me.
I got a package from Sweden yesterday and that had the Smashbox, Lip & Lid Primer. The pictures I did take are after half a day or wear, so it did keep the eyeshadow put. I do have to say that I thought the Lip & Lid Primer was very small. Also the Lid primer was a very hard stick and the Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion is a creamlike texture. I do think the Lip & Lid Primer worked very well and it’s so easy to take with you. My lipstick was freshly reapplied when I took the picture, but honestly I don’t think any Lip Primer can keep Red Lipstick looking flawless for 6 hours when you have lunch and no touch ups during the day. I’ll keep you guys posted on my opinion on the Smashbox Lip & Lid Primer.
I didn’t use any brush, but Leighton does wear a blush on the apples of her cheeks, so keeping the Smashbox trend in mind I’d choose something like Blush Rush in Gingersnap.

On my eyes I used another Smashbox product, the Eyelights eyeshadow kit in Special Effects. This has three shadows, a highlight, a skin tone and a brown, so I could have forgotten the JetSet and still recreated the look, but the JetSet is waterproof so that’s my preference.
I used the Shadow Brush to place the peachy skin tone to my entire eye as a base, this is a very neutral colour and Leighton doesn’t seem to have a defined crease so no darkening there is needed. I used the Definer Brush to place the highlighting colour on the eyelid using the most colour on the lash line and fading it up slowly.
This is my finished eye closed and within the black line (I’ve Photoshopped this in to show you) I placed the highlight colour.

I also used a little of the highlight colour under the lower lash line (but very sparingly).
As the eye line I used JetSet in Bronze, I was considering using the Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil in Bourbon (brown with teeny gold glitter) that’s in my new Velvet Rope Travel Set, but I needed the line to start very thinly and work up to thick and with the Arced Liner Brush I have more control for some reason. So I went with the JetSet in Bronze. I started with bronzing the waterline and going a little into the lower lash line at the and because I have more round eyes then Leighton and this will make my eyes look a little more almond shaped. Leighton really has a thin line at the corner of the eye which works up to a thick line at the end. No wing or anything, so to make the eye look a little more almond shaped, make it end a teeeeeny bit over the outer corner. Like you see here:

I used my Eyelashcurler squeezing and releasing it whilst walking up the lash. This creates a very natural curl instead of a harsh bend only at the base of the lashes. I used Bionic Mascara today, because this is a mascara that creates flutter lashes as I call it. No clumpiness, but every lash gets a little coating. You can build it up, but I used only one coat in this final picture:

Now I went a little overboard when I was bored in the train today, so I badly photoshopped my eyes brown because she has brown eyes. So here that is:

On my lips I used the Lip & Lid Primer again, using the part for lips now ;) This is a more creamy base then the LipPlump by Benefit is, also the colour didn’t change the red so much, so I was happy about that.
I used my Bourjois Lipstick in no. 13 which is a fire engine red, but I’m very pale so it’s a more blue tinted red then Leighton is wearing, so I used a more brown tinted colour over it to take the blue edge of but still keep it pretty on my face. I used Clarins Lipstick in no. 50 as the top colour and the end lip is this one:

I hope you guys like this. Tomorrow I’ll work on the Vampire challenge and Sunday I’ll to the JLo Challenge.
I’ll mix up the brands again by then, but I do love my Smashbox, I can’t help it.

Challenge 5 – Beyonce Knowles (@ Today’s Show April 2007 (September 21, 2008)

Here is the Beyonce look I did. I do have to say that I have a VERY DIFFERENT skin tone. But I created this eye:

I remember this look and went in search for more pictures. I found that it was a look she had on the Today’s Show on April 2007th. I also noticed that in some screens she had more pink on top of the green then on others, so I kept it noticeable, but not screaming PINK!!! I thought I’d show you all the eyes I found of this look:

It’s Sunday, so that means I take extra good care of my skin.

Products in this picture:

  • Neutrogena, PureGlow – Microdermabrasion System
  • Clinique, Continuous Resque Antioxidant Moisturiser
  • Shiseido, The Skincare – Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam
  • Bliss, Thinny Thin Chin
  • Dermalogica, Skin Hydrating Masque

Before using the Microdermabrasion System I cleansed first using the Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam.

Now that the skin is clean and without dead skin cells I moisturised with Continuous Rescue Antioxidant Moisturiser on my face and Thinny Thin Chin on my chin and neck area. I had very dry skin around my eyes, I think it’s because I was rubbing my eyes a lot yesterday (there was something under my lens and even though I took it out, cleansed it and put it back in, my eye kept feeling raw). To care for my eye area a little more I used the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Mask there. Now you’re not supposed to leave it on the skin, but I do because my skin eats this stuff. I did decide not to use a primer over this on my eyes though.

I don’t know if it’s noticeable in the picture, but my skin is already less tight and more plump.

Products in this picture:

  • Smashbox, Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15 & Dermaxyl™
  • Smashbox, High Definition Healthy FX Foundation in Light L3
  • Smashbox, Travel Foundation Brush
  • Smashbox, Camera Ready Concealer in 3.0
  • Smashbox, Concealer Brush no. 4
  • Smashbox, Photo Op Under Eye Brightener
  • Make Up For Ever, Super Matte Loose Powder in no. 12
  • Sephora Professionnel, Minderal Powder Brush no. 45
  • Smashbox, Bronzer/Blush Duo in Contour/Pop

After being so nice to my skin, I had to stay nice with pea size amount of Photo Finish Foundation Primer SPF 15 & Dermaxyl™ all over my face (except on eyes). You may have noticed I don’t use this very often, I have a little tube and I try to only use it on special occasions or when my skin feels like it needs a little extra even after foundation. This primer also has anti-aging ingredients and vitamins, peptides and UVA/UVB SPF 15 (to quote the big sales pitch), but I do feel like when I use this my skin is extra protected and I like knowing I’m caring for my skin with makeup. Maybe that’s why I love the High Definition Healthy FX Foundation (applied with the Travel Foundation brush), the name makes me feel like I’m caring for my skin. It could have something to do with only the name, but I do remember after using my first expensive foundation (when I was 16 or something my mum gave me a Helena Rubenstein foundation), when I took of the foundation, my skin still felt soft and hydrated, that had never happened before. Anyway, here is my eye (foundation used everywhere but on the eyelid and crease), after primer and foundation:

As a concealer I think the Camera Ready Concealer in 3.0 fits my skin tone perfectly, I use it more then the Concealer palette (Sephora) I used before. It’s easier as well, without the mixing and everything, but when my circles are dark I do go back to the palette. I applied the Concealer with the no. 4 concealer brush and blended this well with the surrounding skin.

I tend to use the Photo Op Under Eye Brightener over the concealer to not have the brightening effect hidden by the concealer, also I think this makes the skin shine though the concealer a little and that makes it more real. I pat this into the skin using my ring finger.

I used Super Matte Loose Powder to set the base of my face. Because the eye is to intense and the lips are very strong I needed my skin to look real but not shiney, so I used minimal powder just to kill any shine to do this I used a Mineral Powder Brush to buff a little into the skin. I used the same brush very lightly to add the Bronzer Contour on my jawline and under my cheekbones. I also used a little from my temple to the corner of the eye.

I kept the contouring very light, and it’s almost unnoticeable on the picture, but you can see my face looks warmer in the second picture:


I thought a lot about creating the same shimmery green black and I know that MAC has a shadestick called sharkskin that (if it looks the way I think it does) should work very well as a colour base. I don’t have the shadestick so I used a couple of other things that I think most women have.

Products in this picture:

  • Bliss, LipPlump
  • Smashbox, Cream Eyeliner Palette (using Caviar only)
  • Urban Decay, Lip Envy in Greedy (deep berry Item # 26530)
  • Smashbox, JetSet in Mignight Black
  • Smashbox, Arced Liner Brush no. 21
  • Smashbox, Shadow Brush no. 26
  • The Body Shop, Slanted Brush
  • The Body Shop, retractable lip brush
  • Urban Decay, Eyeshadow, Mildew (deep green Item # 31300)
  • Urban Decay, Rockstar Palette (not sold anymore) using the colour Hotpants (medium pink Item # 36300)
  • Christian Dior, Diorshow in black
  • L’Oreal Lipstick (no longer sold) in 625
  • Sephora, Lesson 1 – Smokey eyes (using the matte black only)
  • Sephora, Eyelash Curler

Beyonce doesn’t have highlighted brows, so I left them like this and didn’t use highbrow. The first colour on my eyelid was the Caviar Cream Eyeliner placing it with my fingers to create a sticky darker base that’s blended well at the edges (up to the crease). You can use any black cream shadow for this, but I only had a cream liner.

Because the pink on Beyonce’s eyes could be lighting I didn’t want to overdo the colour, but I did think it would look fun so I added Hotpants to the top of my crease at this point. By placing it now when blending the green up later the colour will be less noticeable but still there.
Hotpants is this colour:

Placement (with no. 26 Smashbox Shadow Brush):

I have a matte black eyeshadow in the Sephora, Lesson 1 – Smokey eyes palette and used this, again you can use any matte black eyeshadow. The reason I’m using matte is because it’s usually darker and I want only the green shimmer. I used the Shadow Brush no. 26 for this because it’s fluffy and doesn’t add a bulk of colour where you place the brush but also doesn’t create fallout. Also you can use this brush for blending as well if you only add the colour to one side of the brush.
Here is the shape of the brush close up:

And the eye after blending the black into the pink a little:

Using the Arced Liner Brush I lined both my waterlines using JetSet in Midnight Black, I went a little over the waterline at the outer corner making the eye look a little more almond shaped.

Next I packed the No. 26 bush (cleaned on a dry towel) with Mildew. I then patted the colour into the skin on my eyelid and I then used a quick horizontal brushing motion to make the shadow look more metallic. I then turned the brush (that the clean side is on the side of the eyebrow, and pushed the brush into the crease while looking normal), now I used a windscreen wiper motion and went slowly upward blending the colour out but keeping it from going to much into the pink. If this way scares you, use a normal crease brush for blending in the crease, but be careful not to make the pink vanish. I chose this way because now you have more control over the blending.

At this point I used the Slanted Brush to push the matte black I used before into the lash line, make sure you don’t go to low with this, this is a smokey eye, but she’s not going down as much. I then used the same brush to add the Mildew to the bottom lash line too. If you do go to low, take a Q-tip and erase the hard line and place some concealer on the tip/top of your finger and using a (downward) windscreen wiper motion blend the concealer up, making the bottom colours less low.

When I look down you see how short the blending is:

Now it was time for curling the lashes and adding two coats of normal Diorshow:


On my lips I used LipPlump as a base, to keep the colours looking bright longer. I then used Lip Envy in Greedy, which is a lip stain that actually stains your lips for a longer period of time. I love this colour, but because it’s matte I had to add a little 625 on top using a retractable lip brush.

Soooo what do you ladies think?
Do you like the watermark?