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GlossyBox unboxing February 2013 (box no. 16) (2013-02-23)

february glossybox 2013 opening

Hi everyone, I got this Glossybox in February and I’ve only just gotten time to edit the unboxing, thankfully this post will be up before the new March box arrives, so I will have done all my old posts in 1 day and then everything coming out will be brand new. This Glossybox came with […]

GlossyBox unboxing November 2012 (box no. 13) (2012-12-15)


Hi everyone, I had so much trouble with the unboxings that I stopped for a while and now that I want to get back into it I’m that neurotic that even though I don’t like the way they are filmed, I can’t stand having some months missing, so here is a November Glossybox Unboxing that […]

GlossyBox unboxing June 2012 (box no. 8)

Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray

Hi everyone, I got another Glossybox today and I wanted to tell you guys about it as soon as I could because I know how curious everyone always is about what’s in the boxes. These unboxing video’s have more views in the first days of the box being released so I’m trying to make sure […]

Looks I blogged about in April 2011

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Maybelline the Falsies mascara day 5:

Maybelline the Falsies mascara day 12: (incl. Clarisonic review and Garnier Roll on update)

Maybelline the Falsies mascara day 20:

Curly Feathers

Cut unwearable Crease 05

Hi everyone, It’s been a while since I did an unwearable look on my eyes. This look came from a Sunday where I was suddenly with an hour of 2 left to fill and I needed to play some.

Challenge 6 – Faith Hill – Video look "Like we never loved at all" (September 28, 2008)

I was challenged to this Faith Hill look from the video “Like we never loved at all”, I loved doing this look because it it very different from what I normally do. Also she has a very different eye shape and I tried false lashes again, it’s now 4 hours later and my eyes feel tired, but no burning so far…. so… I’m happy.

There aren’t many pictures that show you the angles on this look and the video that was in the Challenge didn’t work so I found these pictures online of her eyes and worked of these.

The eye I created was:

Okay, here is the tutorial for how I did this look.

Products in this picture:

  • Bliss, Sleeping Peel Cleansing Cream
  • Dermalogica, Professional Contour Masque
  • Sephora, Power Mask – Hydrogel Eye Mask
  • Christian Dior, Capture XR 60/80 Restoring Serum
  • Bliss, Sleeping Peel – Age-minimizing eye gel
  • Biotherm, BioPur

It’s Sunday, that means skin day in my house. I started by massaging my face with Sleeping Peel Cleansing Cream under the shower to clean thoroughly. After the shower I took the Dermalogica Contour Masque powder and mixed it with a little water and placed it on my face. I let that dry while lying down and when I wanted to take it off I made it wet and used a warm washcloth to take it all off. I then used the Capture Serum on my skin and placed the Hydrogel Mask on my eyes and let that do it’s job while relaxing some more. When this was done I put some Sleeping Peel eye gel on my eyes and used the Biopur on my skin to finish my moisturizing for the day.

Products in this picture:

  • Smashbox, Photo Finish – Clear Foundation Primer
  • Sephora Brand, “Tricks of the Trade” Immediate Wrinkle Filler
  • Smashbox, High Definition Healthy FX Foundation in Light L3
  • Smashbox, Travel Foundation brush
  • Smashbox, Camera Ready Concealer in 3.0
  • Smashbox, Concealer Brush no. 4
  • Benefit, Erase Paste in Fair
  • Yves Saint Laurent, Touche Eclat – Radiant Touch no. 2
  • Urban Decay, Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  • Make Up For Ever, Super Matte Loose Powder in no. 12
  • Sephora Professionnel, Mineral Powder Brush no. 45
  • Smashbox, Bronzer/Blush Duo in Contour/Pop
  • Miss Helen, Highlight in Soft Pink
  • Benefit, HighBrow

I started my face with a base because I need everything to look perfect and matte I decided on the Photo Finish Clear Foundation Primer. Also this will protect my skin because there will be a lot of makeup on my skin when I’m done.

Next to make the wrinkles seem less (especially after loads of concealer and highlighter) I used an Immediate Wrinkle Filler. Remember when using a wrinkle filler that less is more, too much can make the makeup slip off.
The next step High Definition Healthy FX Foundation, if you need a perfect canvas, this foundation is perfect because it doesn’t look like a mask of foundation on the skin. I used a Travel Foundation brush for the foundation, because this means I have more control over the product placement.

For this flawless face I used three concealers, I know it’s a lot! I used Camera Ready Concealer out of the tube all the way under my eyes and blended this with the no. 4 brush to make the skin look perfect.

Over this I placed a little Erase Paste to lighten the area a little. This concealer is more pink which makes the skin look more radiant.

But to make it even more highlighted I placed some Touche Eclat in no. 2 in a V shape under my eyes. Here is a picture to show you the placement:

You really need to pat this in because you don’t want to move the concealer under the highlighter. You can pat using the brush flat, or with your finger.

As a base on my eyelid I used my trusting Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

I set the foundation and concealer with a dusting of Super Matte Loose Powder (not over the eyelid). I used a Mineral Powder Brush for the powder placement because this gives more control.

To contour my cheeks and jawline I used the Contour Bronzer by Smashbox with the no. 45 Mineral brush again. This means I have so much more control over placement. Remember to blend like mad. I like to make a 3 or E shape (depending on the side of the face I’m working on ;) ) to contour perfectly on the temple, under the cheekbone and on my jawline. Do work the contouring into the hairline to make it look less like a mask and more like a natural shadow.

I used a shimmery highlighter in Soft Pink on the top of my cheekbone to catch the light and make them stand out more.
Under my brow bone I blended some HighBrow.

Now the face is perfect. I would so go out during the day with a face like this, even though it’s very sculpted it still looks very beautiful and the fact that the eyes and lips are nude is very pretty on me. I have naturally dark eyelashes and brows, so I don’t need much to be honest, I just love using much :P

Products in this picture:

  • Bourjois, Noir & Blanc pencil
  • Smashbox, Eye Shadow Trio – Panorama
  • Smashbox, Shadow Brush – no. 26
  • Smashbox, Eye Shadow Trio – Shutterspeed
  • Bourjois Paris, Ombre Stretch – Intense Black
  • Sephora Professional, Smudge Brush – no. 19
  • Smashbox, Definer brush – no. 15
  • Rimmel London, Colour Rush in 214 Black
  • The Body Shop – Slanted Brush
  • Stila, Smudge Pot – Black
  • Sephora Professional, Flat Liner brush – no. 16
  • Smashbox, Smudge Brush – no. 20
  • Urban Decay, Smoke Out Eye Pencil – Smoke Out
  • Make Up For Ever – False Eyelashes Ref 25014 – long full black lash (Item # 1039940 at Sephora)
  • Smashbox, JetSet – Midnight Black
  • Smashbox, Arced Liner Brush – no. 21
  • Christian Dior, Diorshow – 090 Black

To make the inner corner stand out I used the white half of the Bourjois, Noir & Blanc pencil. I go to Bourjois for this because their p
encils are very soft, this means you don’t have to press hard on your skin to create a white base and the colour is very easy to blend out. I used the Smashbox no. 20 Smudge brush for fading the colour at the edges on the lid (not on the top edge).

On the other hand, this blendability also means that you have to set it if you don’t want it to move, I chose the white matte shadow from the Panorama trio. I placed this with the no. 26 Shadow brush and blended the colour to a fade. I then took the same brush (cleaned on a towel) to place the lightest colour from the Shutterspeed trio all over the rest of my eye as a colour. This is a matte skin tone which is perfect because the greys I’ll use later will have a powder to blend with.

I then set the first lines of the crease above the crease with the Ombre Stretch in Intense Black, now it’s great that they called this colour intense black, but it’s not, it’s a very dark grey. I love the colour and used it to place the first lines for this look, but the name is not the perfect name for this colour. I used the brush that came in the Ombre Stretch because it actually is a good brush for placing this kind of line. I placed the line a couple of millimeters above my own crease. I wanted the crease entirely above my own and that means placing the crease with open eyes looking straight into a mirror. I smudged the line on the top only using a Sephora no. 19 Smudge brush (this is a medium sized smudge brush, the Smashbox smudge brush no. 20 is a small smudge brush), The bottom of the crease line will be getting my attention later.

In the outer corner in a < and > shape I placed some of the grey out of the Shutterspeed trio with the no. 15 definer brush and faded this. The place where the grey slowly turns into white is after 1/3 on the outer corner. Halfway the white should be almost at it’s whitest and after 2/3 it should be perfectly white.

I used my loyal slanted brush to place Rimmel’s black on the outer line, making the outer line and the outer half of the crease line darker. I also placed the black as close to the lower lash line as possible.

Taking up my Stila Smudge Pot in black is something I only so when I need a very smudged line that is matte. Also this line stays put better then the Smashbox cream liners and blends better then the JetSet. I took up the no. 16 flat liner brush to line my eyes and make the wings at the point of the black line I already drew. I went all the way up to the crease and went into the crease I had drawn. On the crease line I blended the line out using the no. 20 smudge brush by Smashbox (the small smudge brush).

At this point I added the white to my waterline to see if the eye was looking wide enough. Faith’s eyes are a lot more almond shaped then mine, so I’m trying to make my eyes look more that shape too. She has the eyeliner higher on her eyelid, but I didn’t do this because of the different eye shapes.
I wasn’t happy with the smudged line under my eyes and took up Smoke Out to line under my eyes again and I used the other end of the pencil to smudge the colour out some more.
Now I was ready for the false lashes, I haven’t done this in ages and haven’t done this much because my eyes usually turn red and teary very quickly and it itches and hurts sooo bad after an hour and after two I’ve usually taken them off already. I got these more expensive lashes from Make Up For Ever for this look because she really has false lashes on. If I wanted it more like Faith I should have cut the lashes a little shorter, but I thought of that after I placed the first set on my eyes, and I didn’t want to cut at that point. I also placed the lashes a little above my lash line at the outer corners to make my eyes look more like Faith’s.

I used a little JetSet on the inner corner of the top waterline to make the false lashes blend with the eye a little better.

(Showing also the highlight on the cheekbone:)

I was happy with the eye and only when looking at the picture again after I was done with taking the pictures of my own eye, did I see that her lower lashes where also false. I’m not doing that because I already have very long lower lashes, so I gave them a little coat of mascara at this point and took these pictures afterwards (using a flash to show a different lighting).

Sooo here is the look and the how to, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and like the look!
I wish you a great Monday tomorrow.



Here are two close ups of the lashes in the box.

Challenge 4 – Look from the Donna Karan Spring 2009 Ready to Wear Fashion Show (September 19, 2008)

Hey guys,

Well, the sun set already and I’m ready for tonight…

The look that was the inspiration for tonight was created by Charlotte Tilbury for the Donna Karan Spring 2009 Ready to Wear show. As you can see the basic idea for every model was the same, but it was changed for every girls eye a little. I also noticed that almost all the women I found had blue eyes hahaha…

My view on the look:

Products in this picture:

  • Bliss, Sleeping Peel – cleansing cream
  • Bliss, Sleeping Peel – age minimizing eye gel
  • Biotherm, Biopur – pore minimizer


I had a late night last night (I went out with friends) and an early morning today. So I’m really tired but I don’t wish to look it so I massaged my face using the Sleeping Peel cleansing cream. My skin feels sooo much better after this and I use Sleeping Peel eye gel on my eyes to maximize the effect. As a moisturizer I used a little BioPur.

Products in this picture:

  • Smashbox, Hybrid 2 in 1 Liminizing Primer – Greenroom collection
  • Yves Saint Laurent, Teint Parfait – No 7
  • Too Faced, Magic Wand – Illuminizing Foundation in New York Light 2
  • Sephora, Concealer Palette
  • Smashbox, Concealer brush – no. 4
  • Yves Saint Laurent, Touche Eclat – Radiant Touch no. 2
  • Neutrogena, Lipbalm

As a primer I used the Greenroom Collection’s Hybrid all over my face, I was sooo tired I even absent minded put it on my eyes and just let it do it’s job there. That is the reason why I skipped the Primer Potion on my eyes.
I used the Teint Parfait the way you’re supposed to use it, as a colour corrector and this gave my skin it’s glow back. Over this I used a lighter foundation then usually because I’m kinda pale from the little sleep. I applied this foundation using the brush where the foundation comes from, I did press the foundation a little more into my skin using my fingers though.
I used the Sephora concealer palette because I can mix the colours to match my needs for today. I used the lightest skin tone colour and the pink to create a salmon-like colour. This mixture I placed under my eyes using the no 4 Concealer Brush.
I then tilted my head forward a little and brushed some Touche Eclat on shadows from the bags under my eyes (grrr… no sleep doesn’t react well on my skin). The way to maximize the effect is letting it soak in a little before blending.
I used a little lip balm on my lips at this point to moisturize them.
At this point this is how everything looks:

Products in this picture:

  • Mark, Eyeshadow in Nomade
  • Sephora Brand Professionnel, All Over Shadow Brush – No. 21
  • Sephora, Iridescent Cream Shadow – Silver
  • Smashbox, Eye Shadow Trio – Panorama (using the white colour)
  • Smashbox, Definer Brush – No. 15
  • Smashbox, Eye Shadow Quad – Supernatural (using the Golden/Bronze and Brown colours)
  • Sephora Brand Professionnel Platinum, Natural Dome Smudge Brush #13
  • L’Oreal, ColorAppeal TrioPro – Powder Duo + Highlighter in 304 Beige Pink
  • Sephora Brand Professionnel, Crease Brush – No. 18
  • Sephora Brand, Eye Lash Curler
  • Chanel, Inimitable Mascara – multi-dimenstionnel in black
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Christian Dior, Dior Addict – 384 Rose Scenario
  • Christian Dior, Ultra Gloss – 151
  • The Body Shop, retractable Lip Brush
  • Escada, Moon Sparkle – Eau de Toilette

When I was looking at the pictures I first thought they only had the lid glimmering, but when I saw a video of it I did see a little glimmer on the brow bone, so I started my eye with a shimmering eyeshadow tester by Mark in Nomade. It was a lot more golden shimmer then I expected, but the colour is super and was a great base to work over, to create a wash of colour as a base I always go back to the All Over Shadow Brush.
The ladies all have very light inner corners on their eyes, I don’t have a shimmering white, but I created my eye corner by starting with the Iridescent Cream Shadow in Silver on the corner first and blending it outward a lot. I then used the no. 15 Definer Brush to add the Panorama White in the corner only. This gave the corner a little extra kick but didn’t kill the shimmer of the cream shadow.

The ladies all had very hazel brown shimmery creases that had the skin shining through. I have the perfect colour to recreate this, The Smashbox Eye Shadow Quad called Supernatural (which I got in the Glambox Volume 2 set, that’s currently on sale on the Smashbox site for $51) has a Bronze/Golden colour. The colour looks more Bronze, but actually has really golden glimmers. Also the colour isn’t hiding the skin colour under the eyeshadow, it’s very transparent. I used the Natural Dome Smudge Brush no. 13 from Sephora for this because it’s a little shorter and softer then the no. 15 definer brush. This brush blends better and I’m blending with this brush as well (if you use less pressure while blending upward, you can blend with almost any brush, but if you’re new to blending or not good at blending, place with this brush and then use a crease brush to blend).

I wanted a little more depth in the centre of the crease, so I took a very glimmery palette from L’Oreal and used the brown colour from that palette on my inner crease using the tip of the Crease Brush.
To give the outer corner of the eyelid a little more of a brown kick I added the dark brown from the Quad using the Natural Dome Smudge Brush no. 13 from Sephora again. I used circular motions to buff the colour into the skin blending this colour with the grey at the middle of the eyelid. Because the silver is a cream shadow it will hold a lot of colour, soooo blend on the outside first (don’t go into the crease colour, the bronze should stay the main focus here). Use an almost empty brush to place the last of the brown in the middle to blend the silver and brown.

To finish the eye I curled my lashes and took my trusting Chanel, Inimitable Mascara to create fuller lashes. The girls at the Donna Karan show are wearing false lashes and I’m not, so adding those will add more of a dark shadow at the corners of the eyes. I also added a little mascara to my lower lashes which I usually don’t do because I have pretty dark lashes naturally. Using an eyebrow brush I brushed my eyebrows a little more down because these ladies have messier brows then I usually have.

I’ve been using a flash (fake lighting) on all these pictures.

So I went to a more yellow light and took this picture without a flash.
src="" class="alignnone" />

Using a flash again:

Products in this picture:
This is the half of a Dior Lip palette I got as a freebie once, left is without flash and right is with flash.
The colours in the palette are:

  • Dior Addict in 489 – 579 – 687 and 384 (the most right on the palette is the one I used)
  • Dior Ultra Gloss in 483 and 151 (only the 151 is shown)

I wanted to keep my lips neutral so I used Dior Addict in 384 Rose Scenario on my lips, but thought it was a little too natural with the very flashy though light eyes. So I added a little Ultra Gloss in 151 over the lipstick using a retractable Lip Brush.

As a scent I used the Escada Moonsparkle I got from a friend today.

On the pictures it looks a lot less shiny then it actually is, I do hope you guys like the look. I will enjoy wearing it tonight. I really think it’s a spring look, it’s very fresh, young and clean.

My mum said I look very awake (I don’t feel it, but hihi, make-up is creating a great illusion).