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Makeup Look for my driver’s license (Full video tutorial)

Web full face driver's Licence 06

Hi everyone, I have to get a new driver’s license which means that they will try and take the most horrible picture of my face that you can possibly take. Okay maybe not the most horrible, but still it will be pretty bad because with the current rules you need to look straight into the […]

Emerald Eyes for St. Patrick’s day

Green with Envy for Paddy 01

Hi everyone, Tomorrow it’s March 17th 2013 and that’s St. Patrick’s Day. Which means green makeup. Now I wouldn’t advise you to wear green blush or lips, but nails and eye make up are really great options. I’ve been to see Oz – The Great and Powerful yesterday and I loved it (and the makeup). […]

GlossyBox unboxing February 2013 (box no. 16) (2013-02-23)

february glossybox 2013 opening

Hi everyone, I got this Glossybox in February and I’ve only just gotten time to edit the unboxing, thankfully this post will be up before the new March box arrives, so I will have done all my old posts in 1 day and then everything coming out will be brand new. This Glossybox came with […]

Beautybox Unboxing February 2013 (2013-02-16)

BeautyBox february 2013 Unboxing Opening

Hi everyone, I got this BeautyBox just after Valentine’s Day so the fact that this box was themed love because it was brought out in February is right, but also late because it came after Valentine’s Day. For more information on BeautyBox in the Netherlands visit: The following products

Blondie’s makeup in Sucker Punch for CosPlay

Video Suckerpunch Straight Hair and Glasses 06

Hi everyone, I was asked to do a tutorial on the makeup that Vanessa Hudgens wears in the movie Sucker Punch for a CosPlay. Let me first explain to those of you who don’t now what CosPlay is. CosPlay (1984) is short for Costume Play, you become the character but not for an event like […]

GlossyBox unboxing September 2012 (box no. 11)

Hi everyone,

I know this is very very late, I apologise. I did all the video’s for all the other unuploaded unboxings as well, so they will come, but now with a more detailed review.

The following (more…)

(Back to school) Purple eye makeup tutorial (and how I put in my contacts & BLOOPERS) Nail Rock Striped Nails

Web Purple Eye Look 03

Hi everyone, This look has been on my YouTube Channel for a long time now, so it’s somewhat late adding it to my blog, but better late then never right? All the bloopers and mistakes are at the end of the video. Also