All my current OPI polishes

Catch me in your net - OPI

Hi everyone,

I did a youtube video about an unboxing and as I was talking about my polishes all of a sudden I thought I could tell you all the polishes I still have and use regularly. Now there was a choice to be made on how I would show you, and when reorganizing my polishes I thought doing it by brand would be best. I placed a number on the cap of all the polish bottles and I’m going to give you the link to the original post with the polish, more information and all the pictures if you click on the name of the polish.

Sunlight picture:

Flash picture

  1. Mad as a hatter
  2. You don’t know Jacques!
  3. My private jet
  4. Yodel me on my cell (mini)
  5. Baby it’s “coal” outside!
  6. Suzi skis in the Pyrenees (mini)
  7. Black onyx
  8. Lincoln Park after dark
  9. Russian navy
  10. Play ’til midnight
  11. OPI Ink
  12. Purple with a purpose
  13. Funky Dunkey
  14. Done out in deco (mini)
  15. Do you lilac it?
  16. Rumple’s wiggin’
  17. “Sheer” your toys!
  18. Give me the moon!
  19. Stars in my eyes
  20. Happy anniversary!
  21. Birthday babe
  22. Your Royal shyness
  23. Canberra ‘t without you
  24. Bubble bath
  25. Bubble bath (mini)
  26. Mod about you
  27. Princesses rule!
  28. Suzi & the lifeguard (mini)
  29. Suzi & the lifeguard
  30. Tickle my France-y
  31. You’re a doll!
  32. Parlez-vous OPI?
  33. Done out in deco
  34. Lucky lucky lavender
  35. Shorts story
  36. Feelin’ hot-hot-hot!
  37. Dim sum plum
  38. Dim sum plum (mini)
  39. Pink flamenco (mini)
  40. Miami beet
  41. No Spain no gain (mini)
  42. Overexposed in South Beach (mini)
  43. Don’t toy with me!
  44. Ali’s big break
  45. Quarter of a cent-cherry
  46. Color so hot it Berns (mini)
  47. Red my fortune cookie (mini)
  48. Red my fortune cookie
  49. Redipus Oedipus
  50. Music hall curtain call
  51. Thrills in Beverly Hills
  52. DS Treasure
  53. Hot & spicy
  54. In my back pocket
  55. Fiercely Fiona
  56. Who the Shrek are you?
  57. Jade is the new black
  58. Catch me in your net
  59. Lucerne-tainly look marvelous (mini)
  60. Absolutely Alice
  61. Blue my mind
  62. Ogre-the-top blue
  63. Suzi says Feng Shui
  64. Suzi says Feng Shui (mini)
  65. What’s with the cattitude
  66. You don’t know Jacques! (Suede)
  67. Suzi skis in the Pyrenees (Suede)
  68. Russian navy (Suede)
  69. OPI Ink (Suede)
  70. Lincoln Park after dark (Suede)
  71. We’ll always have Paris (Suede)
  72. Show it and glow it
  73. Sparkle-icious
  74. Extra-va-vaganza!
  75. Bring on the bling
  76. Glow up already!
  77. Simmer & Shimmer
  78. Russian navy (Matte)
  79. Lincoln Park after dark (Matte)
  80. You don’t know Jacques (Matte)
  81. Alpine snow (Matte)
  82. La paz-itively hot (Matte)
  83. Gargantuan green grape (Matte)