Essence – 02 Andy, you're a star & Nfu-Oh – 66

Essence & Nfu Oh Lamp 01

Hi everyone,

I’ve been loving the Essence Whoom! Boooomm!! Collection nailpolishes so much. The blue is amazing, and this orange is also sooo pretty!

Of course my middle nail broke, so they’re all shorter again :(

On the tips I’m wearing Nfu-Oh no. 66, this green holo is very amazingly pretty. To create a smooth line, try using scotch tape as a guide.




I’m wearing:

  • 1 coat of OPI Original Nail Envy
  • 2 coats of Essence (Whoom! Boooomm!! Collection) in the colour 02 Andy, you’re a star
  • 1 coat on the tips of Nfu-Oh no. 66
  • 1 topcoat of Poshe Quickdrying topcoat

The polish is staying on well enough, the blue stayed on for 3 days and then my right index finger had a HUGE chip (the rest was fine) and this orange/green holo combi is on for 2 days now. No chips in sight so far.