Blue spring liner on Nic

Blue liner on Nic's eye

Hi everyone,

I did this quick and easy spring look on Nic today. It’s a more wearable version of the spring trend looks for this year. The brights are back with a vengeance, but to make it more of an everyday look I did a bright blue liner instead.

To recreate this look you need a great foundation as a base, because I wanted a summer look on Nic I added a little bronzer to the foundation to make her look very tan. Then I used a Stila Bronzer to bronze up the top of her forehead, her nose and the tops of her cheekbones and chin. Basically you apply bronzer only where the sun hits the face naturally, otherwise you get an unrealistic bronze look. I used a light concealer under her eyes to add brightness.

For her eyes I started with a suede texture light neutral pinkish colour for the entire eye. This gives the eyes a little base pop of brightness but keeps it natural and the entire look wearable. I then added a bright blue liner on her top lashline (I used a Maybelline liner. On the outer corners I blended a little darker eyeliner (by Catrice), this adds to the shape of the eye. I used a bright blue shadow (by MNY, which is Maybelline’s little sister) over the liner to set the colour. If you want a bright colour to stay bright you set it with a powder, this also goes for blusher (start with a cream and set with a powder, eyeshadows (cream shadow or liner or a base and then a powder).
If needed darken your brows a little, but for this spring/summer light brows are a fashion statement. Add a black mascara and the eyes are done.

For the lips I did the outer corners with a darker lipliner again, this time I went to exactly the edge of Nic’s lips, but I didn’t go over it. I did the middle with a lighter lipliner (do make sure you stay in the same colour family, so if you have a “cold” tinted outer corner, make sure the centre of your lips are also from the “cold” section.
Add a sparkly (but not everly pigmented lipgloss) and the lips are done too.

I didn’t give the brands and colour names for everything in this look for one reason, you can use the colours from your own makeup collection to recreate this, don’t think you have to buy the exact same colours as I use to get the same effect. If you have green eyes like I do, a purple line will make the eyes pop more then this blue will. Brown eyes can work the blue amazingly well.

2 Responses to “Blue spring liner on Nic”

  1. REALLY beautiful. that blue colour suits you well! you’re gorgeous!

    • Cee zegt:

      That’s not me, it’s my best friend Nic. But you’re right, she is beautiful!