Maybelline The One by One Volum Express Mascara – Day One

One coat after just applying 01

Hi everyone,

The mascara I’m testing this month is another Maybelline mascara, this one is calles the One by One which is another one from their  Volum’ Express line.

The brush is called the lash catcher. They say it captures, coats & cleans.
Big volume, Lash by Lash (with vitamin C)
Big flirty volume
The colour I got is Very Black

The back of the package says:
Discover the new One by One mascara from Volum’ Express
> Exclusive brush “The Lash Catcher” captures, coats and cleans every single lash for big, clean volume from root-to-tip.
> Conditioning formula with Vitamin C (derivative) leaves lashes so smooth they don’t stick together.
> Ophthalmologist tested
*Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


We’ve all seen this ad, and it looks very impressive.

When you buy the mascara it looks like this.

The brush looks like this, which is impressive. I still wonder why they colour the brushes, when the mascara is on the brush it will go black anyway.

The brush next to a euro 50 cent coin.

When you remove the top this is how the mascara looks

On my lashes (curled) I used one coat.

After one hour the lashes look like this: