Hema Wetlook no.7 & nailart

Hema Wetlook 07 Lamp 01

Hi everyone,

I LOVE this red wetlook polish by Hema in no. 07. It’s the prettiest red I’ve seen in a long time. This is two coats and I’ve been loving it so much that after this manicure was damaged and I took it off I applied the red again.

Winter sunlight: For the art how to, click more.

Winter shade:



So how did I do the art? I actually made a mistake with the choice of nailpolish, I used a matte white OPI polish which wasn’t the smart choice because it dries very quickly and that makes it more difficult, so if you’re trying to recreate this, use a NORMAL nailpolish that is opague.

I applied two coats of the normal red polish and let that dry. I then applied a third coat (which wasn’t because the colour wasn’t opague by then), and immediately I added drops of the white polish, I then took a toothpick and swiped through the red and the drops of white to create these shapes. I topped it with a quickdrying basecoat and I was done.