Emerald Sparkle

Hi everyone,

I was watching F1 today and that made me pick up a racing green nailpolish. (Semi-dark)-green nails is also big in trends for fall/winter 2010, so it’s time we all take our green polishes and start wearing them again.

I’m wearing China Glaze – Emerald Sparkle, a green that’s usually brought out in the winter for the China Glaze holiday collections. I’m wearing NailTek Step one, OPI natural basecoat, 2 coats of Emerald Sparkle, 1 coat of Poshe quick drying topcoat.

This was probably one of the easier polishes to apply, no streaking, no bubbles, no fuss and a brush that means you can get close to the cuticle and gives a lot of control. The green reminds me of Lotus, racing green and of a leprechaun. The shimmer means it’s got life and it’s a green that will work on most skincolours. Sadly it photographs a lot bluer then it is, so I also added a photoshopped one to show you the correct polish colour.


Photoshopped to the i.r.l. colour of the polish:




Other greens (click picture for the blogpost about that colour):
OPI – Jade is the new Black
Natural light:

OPI – Who the Shrek are you?

Essence – Apple green

Misa – The Grass is Greener on my side

Rimmel London – Jaded
– with matte topcoat Sun:

China Glaze – Tree Hugger (e-collection)

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  1. kelliegonzo zegt:

    oh wow i love green and these are making me drool!