Your Royal Shyness

Hi everyone,


If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have read that I broke a nail. Well not just broke a nail…. it was a bloody mess!! And being the woman I am I thought I’d just wear a nude polish to not have the attention go to my nails right now that it’s healing. Soooo here is the colour I’m wearing today (really today today, August 16th). I broke the nail on my right ringfinger (my favourite nail because it’s always the prettiest) and I’m wearing a bandaid on that nail and no polish, so it’s going to have to heal before I do anything to it :(

It’s an OPI polish called Your Royal Shyness and it’s very pretty and neutral. This is two coats.



3 Responses to “Your Royal Shyness”

  1. Iveenia zegt:

    :( i understand you – with your fingers and these shapes – that hurts – :HUG: did that help – at least a little bit?

  2. Iveenia zegt:

    :) good