Hi everyone,

I don’t instantly love a nailpolish that often, it happened exactly the same with Pasadena Purple, but this silver is amazing, sparkly, nice opacity, easy to apply, no bubbles or anything. A lot better then the Essie silver I own and it’s a serious contender for the best silver ever if you ask me. This is 2 coats of 555 Silver by GOSH.



3 Responses to “Silver”

  1. Iveenia zegt:

    i love this color :DROOL: ;) amazing and sparkling and marve with dark hair :)
    what did you wear? Jeans?

  2. CCee zegt:

    grey jeans, high boots (black) and a black loose shirt with a low V nek.

  3. Iveenia zegt:

    wow :) awe :)