Ink Suede

Hi everyone,

I was wearing this OPI Ink Suede yesterday and I thought it looked flat without a topcoat so I added that later.

Without topcoat Sun:

Without topcoat Flash:

With topcoat Sun:

With topcoat Flash:

6 Responses to “Ink Suede”

  1. Iveenia zegt:

    :DROOL: :) well – well – one day i will be convinced :P

  2. CCee zegt:

    one day?

  3. HelloFashion zegt:

    I love the colour :)

  4. Iveenia zegt:

    you know – cannot stand nail polish :) very weird feeling on my fingers :)

  5. CCee zegt:

    And nail gels??

  6. Iveenia zegt:

    never tried – and since i am the one who is responsible of cleaning in our house……. it would be a pity to find all these nice layers in “practically everything”… :)