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Multi-coloured eye (yes again)

Hi everyone,

When I was doing the makeup on the girls I was wearing this makeup and I’d applied it in 10 minutes…. soooo this can show you practice makes perfect!

I asked on twitter ( how many colours I was wearing and the answers were:

  1. Gabe Dijkstra gabe2208

    @BogusCee 876 – 870 colours

  2. Nymphette nymphette415

    @BogusCee 5? Maybe 6?

  3. Sharie SharieHyder

    @BogusCee 4?


None of these answers were right, if you care to venture a guess, please do so…. I’m really hoping one of you will get it right.
I will give you a hint, if I count only the primer colours the number is 4 ……

Blue India

Hi everyone,

I got the nailpolish in the colour Blue India from the MAC Liberty of London collection, and I LOVE IT. It smells like normal paint, so that’s a but urgh, but it applies amazingly, no streaks, no bubbles, nothing annoying.

Also the colour is the colour I love more then any other colour in the world. So here are pictures of this polish, two coats, no topcoat.



Also, isn’t the packaging super cute?

Cut Crease

Hi everyone,

I did this look on Nic this weekend, it’s a cut crease with an Indian twist to the look.

Nic wasn’t wearing any makeup except for mascara when I started, so I prepped her face with Smashbox – Hybrid 2 in 1 Primer which gives her skin a healthy glow. I then added some Maybelline – Dream Satin Liquid in Ivory to lighten her skintone a little. I then used MUFE lift concealer in no. 2 mixed with no. 1 to hide her dark circles, I buffed this into her skin with a Smashbox – Crease brush no. 10 because this blends the concealer into her skin amazingly.

I then quickly set the makeup with a little Make Up For Ever – Super Matte Loose Powder in 12 Translucent Natural and then added some Stila – Sun SPF15 Bronzing powder in shade 01 to place the outer parts of her contouring (with a MAC 109 brush). I also contoured her nose with this bronzing powder. I then used a bronzer from the Yves Saint Laurent – Sensation Soleil MakeUp Palette no. 1 to really define the hollows of her cheeks.

Nicole has very light brows and I added a mixture of Urban Decay – Naked eyeshadow and MAC – Cork and MAC – Wedge to add multiple colours to her brows. After the brows are ready you can see how far you can do with the eyes. I wanted to do a cut crease with an Indian twist on Nic because it’s something I’ve never done on her before and I wanted to see how it would look. I started with a base of MAC – Soft Ochre and set this with a little Smashbox Eyeshadow in Vanilla.

I used Make Up For Ever – Flash Colour Case‘s dark blue with a MAC angled brush to place the crease bringing it way down on the inner corner. I did it literally ON her crease and blended it upward. I then used Sephora – Colorful Mat Mono Eyeshadow in the colour midnight kiss No. 34 to set the blue and used a little Urban Decay – DeLuxe Eyeshadow in Fishnet to add a little extra brightness.

I lined her eyes with a L’Oreal black eyeliner pencil and then used a little Urban Decay – DeLuxe Eyeshadow in Freakshow under her eyes and made the line fade out where it hit the cut crease. And that is all I did for this look.

I hope you all like this eye, I certainly did!

Classic with a twist

Hi everyone,

It’s been Friday and Saturday again, which means I did the girls’ makeup again. This weekend I gave Nouk a classic lined eye with a very modern BRIGHT lip for spring:

Nouk was already wearing makeup on her eyes, so I worked around a base that was already there.

I started with Smashbox – Photofinish primer with Dermaxyl, which gives a great base for the L’Oreal Matte Morphose Souffle Foundation in 180 – Rosy Sand that I used on her. This colour matches her current skintone EXACTLY, it was amazing to see. I then used a mixture of MUFE lift concealer in no. 2 mixed with no. 3 to hide her dark circles, I applied this with a Smashbox – Crease brush no. 10 because this blends the concealer into her skin amazingly. After this I used a little Stila – Convertible Colour (dual lip and cheek cream) in Orchid (5) with my Sephora Mineral powder brush, then set all of the makeup on her face with a light dusting of Make Up For Ever – Super Matte Loose Powder in 12 Translucent Natural and then added some Stila – Sun SPF15 Bronzing powder in shade 01 to very subtle-ey contour her sheeks (with a MAC 109 brush).

With her face perfected I just added a little Smashbox Eyeshadow in Vanilla to even out the colour on her eyes a little and added a little MAC – Cork to the crease with a MAC 217 brush. Next I lined her eyes with Stila – Smudge Pot in Jet Black using a MAC angled brush.
There was already liner on her bottom lashline and mascara on her lashes so that needened be touched.

On her lips I added a little Make Up For Ever – Flash Colour Case‘s fushia mixed with a little clear gloss.

Somewhere, Beyond the Sea

Hi everyone,


Here’s a non wedding related post for all of you who’re not getting married, in a wedding or enjoying the wedding posts. A bright glittery blue nail by Barry M.

This is an amazing colour, the only thing that annoyed me a little is that even with 3 topcoats, it’s still bumpy. But it looks amazing so I don’t really care about fixing that any more then I already have. It’s been on my nails for two days now, so it’s staying longer then the OPI glitters, which is good.

It’s the colour 297 – Blue Glitter by Barry M. (Martini, you’re getting one of these via mail soon ;) [if it hasn't arrived yet] )



Half sun half shade:


Wedding makeup (part three – Bridal makeup video’s)

Here are a couple of amazing bridal look video’s for all of you.

Starting this weekend I’ll do a few makeup tutorials for Brides(maids) makeup (different styles).

Wedding makeup (part two – Bride and Bridesmaid makeup tips)

bellaressa asked me to look into bridesmaids looks for her. She wants to do her own look from start to finish. There is no budget only she wants to wear Nars – Amour blusher. Also she wants to slim down her face so I’m going to use a contouring that’s natural but also I’ll advise a hairstyle that will slim down the face.

Her dress will be this amazing pool blue colour that will make her skin look radiant. When thinking about makeup for a wedding, see if you can find out the colour flowers that will be used or the colour of the dress you’re wearing. Also as a bridesmaid you’re supposed to compliment the bride, and not clash with her colours, it’s her day after all.

Colours for makeup:
If you’re looking for advise, use these seasonal colour tips if you want a hint of colour in your makeup:
– pink, lemon, baby blue, lime green

– white, sunshine yellow, gold, sky blue

– orange, russet, green, purple, gold

– ice white, silver, green, vibrant red.

If you’re looking for a hint of colour in a certain colour theme, go for these:
Mixed Berries
- Plum, Purple, Pink, Red

Mediterranean Spice
- Honey yellow/Gold, Blue, Lime Green
Sand and Coral
- Sand, Tan, Bronze, Coral

When wearing hats:
If you choose to wear a hat, consider how much light will not reach your face, change your makeup accordingly and again try different types of makeup with pictures and then choose which you like best. 

The time of the ceremony –is it a day or evening wedding? If it’s a day wedding, a lighter and more natural look (the best version of you) works better and a more dramatic look is amazing to frame your face at an evening wedding.

Remember your make up should be a little more dramatic than your everyday make-up as you can tend to look pale and washed-out in photos if your make-up doesn’t stand out.

Your Face
Foundations with yellow undertones work best with flash photography.

Keep away from shimmer highlighters as this look will not show up well in photos and give a reflective shine.
Use a light dusting of translucent powder to prevent any unwanted shine. However, you shouldn’t look flat, your face should have dimentions (highlight on the cheekbones).
Use a bronzing powder to warm your skin tone and give a natural glow. Place on areas where the sun would naturally hit e.g. Forehead, cheeks and bridge of nose. If you want to contour your skin, skip the bronzer because bronzer AND contouring just makes you look muddy brown. So either contour or bronze.

Your typical wedding eye makeup
The eye-area should be soft and natural with no heavy, dark lines.
Keep away from up to the minute eyeshadows and make-up trends as you will regret it when you look at your photos in years to come!
Use a brow pencil slightly darker than your hair colour and avoid heavy, dark shadows.

Your typical bridesmaid eye makeup tips

  • Make sure that your choice of make-up shades is a little different from the bride, it is her special day and she should be unique.
  • Your make-up shades should not clash with your dress colour. For example: if your dress is maroon, opt for cooler pinkie browns or neutral browns, rather than orangey browns or peach.
  • Use waterproof mascara.
  • Adapt your make-up look for the time of day – lighter for day weddings and darker and more glam for late afternoon or evening weddings.
  • Have a small bag of touch up products on hand thought the event.
  • Your make-up does not need to match the other bridesmaids, as long as a general theme is achieved – for example glamorous look or a more natural day look.

Your Lips
Use a lip-liner the same colour as your lipstick and avoid a noticeable or dark lip line.
The colour on your lips will depend on whether you are a warm or cool colour palette.
It is more flattering to define one area i.e. If you want dark, defined eyes, go for a lighter lip shade and if you want dark/bright lips go for natural, light eyes.

Touch Up Tips
If you’re there with friends, have each of you have something else for touchups with you. One with a bag of cotton buds, one with a mascara and some disposable wands, one with blotting papers. . . divide and conquer!!!

Makeup tips for African-American skin:
The best colors for African-American skin tones and how to properly deal with common problems so you can be wedding-day gorgeous.

Finding Foundation

In general, foundation that has yellow undertones is the most flattering, but if you have very dark skin, a foundation with a slight blue cast works best. If you have medium-toned skin, choose a foundation with a red-yellow hue. And if you have light skin, look for a soft golden shade.
I have friends who have three different skintones on their skin, the forehead is darker the apples of the cheeks are lightest and the rest is a midtone… How to fix this? Get two differen colours foundation. One for the darker parts, one for the lighter and you mix the two for the middle colour. Then you can actually shape your face, go with the lighter over the darker places and the darker over the lighter places and you use the mixture over the rest. Now set this foundation with a powder in a colour that’s the middle colour (the colour your face now actually has overall). At this point you need to add depth back into your face, best way to do this is by contouring, but I’ll get into that further down when I’m explaning the look.

Getting Cheeky

The key with blush on African American skin is to avoid anything that looks ashy or pale on your skin. Lighter skin tones look pretty and most natural in dark bronzers, though apricot, rose, and soft pink also work well. Medium to dark skin tones look best with deep blush hues like dark rose, currant, and plum.


In general, the darker your skin tone, the darker you can go with your lip color. Burgundy and blackberry are beautiful on dark skin. Women with medium skin tones look pretty in currant or red, and those with light skin look best in low-voltage neutrals and glosses. If your bottom lip is paler than your top lip, you can even them out by applying a sheer, dark lipstick to your lower lip as a base, then sweeping the same lipstick over both lips.

If you want to have very full lips lips that don’t require too much enhancement, avoid bright, attention-getting colors and stick to quiet, flattering shades instead, like caramel and soft brown.


* All the information stated above is based on my own experiences, and taken from books like: “Wedding Style” by Carole Hamilton / InStyle Weddings / InStyle Wed
dings magazines / Getting Gorgeous / Jemma Kidd – Makeup Masterclass / Kevyn Acoin books.