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Makeup Tip 7

7. If you wear contact lenses, and you see enough for makeup application without them, take out the lenses before applying makeup.

New layout

Hey everyone,

Not a huge change, but still a change in the layout.
Do you like it better like this or the old way? I personally thought this was easier to scan for new things.

I’ll try to make a banner I’m happy with this weekend…. but if anyone has an idea…. feel free to comment.
I like to keep the colours pretty simple, because I want my looks to be the point of focus, but another idea is always welcome.

Tell me what you think!!!!

Makeup Tip 6

6. Ow no, you’re out of browgel/browwax, if you want to keep your eyebrows in place, you can use a brow brush with a little spray of hairspray.